Reiki Therapy – Brandon Krieger How Reiki Helps Athletes

March 5, 2011

Working with the Active Population be it people just going about their day to professional Athletes we all go through our challenges of soreness, aches and pains.  People who are active by walking, running, cycling, playing sports, training whatever the activity maybe can have different challenges.  Muscle fatigue, soreness, aches, mental fatigue, frustration, and worrying before a competition or event.

I have seen people from all different levels come into the clinic and see benefits from incorporating Reiki as a part of their treatment and training protocol.  I have seen people who have had deep bone bruises from being hit, go away as quickly as one week and they were back training. For example a deep bone bruise to the thigh could take up to 3 months to heal. I treated a Muay Thai fighter who was back training in a few weeks with no problems.  This is just one of the many success stories I have had treating someone using Reiki as one of their therapies to help treat them.  I have also seen people break through metal barriers and be more focused for their event.

The reason why I believe Reiki works is because as people in the Active community understand you have to exercise, stretch, eat nutritionally dense whole foods, have time for rest and repair and, treat injuries if they occur through your training. Some people go to that next level and have a Personal Trainer, Coach, Nutritionist, Physiotherapist, or Athletic Therapist as part of their team.  The challenge is that we are affected by everything we come in contact with People, electronics, our emotions, our thoughts which can all affect us physically.

Most of us including myself when I was first started training for soccer I never realized what things around me could have an effect on my body and my performance.  As I learned more about different aspects could influence my training and really tested it out I noticed how everything around me either affected me positivity or negativity.

Here is a test for you

1)      Think about meeting up with someone that frustrates you, someone who really makes you feel upset. Sit with that for a bit and see how you feel? What starts to tighten up?

2)      Then think about someone that makes you laugh, that is really fun to be around. Sit with that for a bit see how you feel.

Important to remember that person is not there with you, this is just thinking about that person. Now think about this, if you are just sitting there thinking about this person and they are not actually there.  How it would affect you if you met up with that person right now?

Now relate that to your training, competitions, events…etc. If you are having a negative experience think about how much more that can affect you because your just not thinking it, you are actually going through the experience. So you are mentally, emotionally and physically going through that experience.

This is why it is so important to work with someone that can help clear that negativity while training, prior to an event and even in the event.

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Brandon Krieger

Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Reiki Therapy & Professional Speaker

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