The CABALA Juice Fast Day 9 Video

Ultimate Sports Therapy – Holistic Lifestyle Coach Brandon Krieger Day 9 of CABALA Juice Fast

Good Morning Everyone,

Today I have the great opportunity to speak to Daniel Thiessen Owner of Radix Performance  Daniel is a elite trainer who works with people to help them achieve their fitness goals.

Daniel is a Strength Coach expert who has not tried a Juice Fast personally himself. He does have extensive knowledge of nutrition and exercise prescription. As well his clients have done Juice Fasts like the Master cleanse fast.

We discuss the possibility of Daniel trying a fast for himself but he is unsure about not eating food for 39 days 🙂 Just like David yesterday it is hard to really transition to a full fast. Daniel is willing to try a 7 day fast which would be a great start and I highly recommend you do a few mini fasts before you go into a long one. Just to see how you feel through the process and what challenges might come up.

I would like to Thank Daniel Thiessen for taking the time to meet with me and for sure we are going to go out to eat after I finish the 39days 🙂

Just a reminder of the ingredients

The ingredients for the CABALA Juice is

4 to 6 Carrots
2 Red Apples
1/2 a Beet
2 Green Apples
1 Lemon
2 Yellow Apples.

I do add spinach for iron and vitamin B.

If your just reading the article and not able to see the Youtube Video you can go to our Youtube channel to watch the video on “Ultimatesporttherapy” channel.


If you have any illness and/or on any medication please consult with a practitioner and/or doctor before doing this Juice Fast. If you are not sure please contact me and I will answer any questions you might have.

Keep an eye out for my posts because I am going to go through it with you.

Thanks Everyone,

Love & Chi,
For more information contact Ultimate Sports Therapy at or visit us at

Brandon Krieger

Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Reiki Therapy & Professional Speaker

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