The CABALA Juice Fast Day 4 Video

Ultimate Sports Therapy – Holistic Lifestyle Coach Brandon Krieger Day 4 of CABALA Juice Fast

Good Morning Everyone,

I’m on Day 4 of the CABALA Juice Fast I started to have cravings last night and wow I was tired. I feel better this morning but I can tell I am fasting. I am suppose to train tomorrow at a Martial Arts Seminar but I am not sure I am going to go. I will let you know tomorrow morning before I go.

Just a reminder of the ingredients

The ingredients for the CABALA Juice is

4 to 6 Carrots
2 Red Apples
1/2 a Beet
2 Green Apples
1 Lemon
2 Yellow Apples.

I do add spinach for iron and vitamin B.

If your just reading the article and not able to see the Youtube Video today I talked about the history of fasting. Thousands of years ago before people would go into temples they would have to cleanse themselves internally as well as externally. The internal process was fasting on water and they had to do it for 39 days prior to going into the temple.  The 39 days represented 3 sections of the body. The first 13 days was from the feet to the navel. The next 13 days was from the navel to the throat and the final 13 days was from the throat to the heavens (top of the head). This process would cleanse the entire body and people were allowed into the temple after they completed this process. Where in the temple they would be cleaned with essential oils, have an abundance of healthy food and be educated with sacred teachings.

That is a brief overview of cleansing and do me a favor and share this video. We all need to help each other heal no matter what we are going through.


If you have any illness and/or on any medication please consult with a practitioner and/or doctor before doing this Juice Fast. If you are not sure please contact me and I will answer any questions you might have.

Keep an eye out for my posts because I am going to go through it with you.

Thanks Everyone,

Love & Chi,
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Brandon Krieger

Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Reiki Therapy & Professional Speaker

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