Massage Therapist – Jennifer Lamore discusses Whiplash

Massage Therapist – Jennifer Lamore discusses Whiplash

Massage Therapist – Jennifer Lamore discusses Whiplash

With the invention of the motor vehicle, so came consequences- accidents. Whiplash was first noted in 1928 as an injury similar to pilots who were slingshot off the short runways of aircraft carriers. The term is used as both a noun and adjective describing a large assortment of seemingly unrelated symptoms: headaches, dizziness and jaw disorders.


When you think about what is contained and protected in our spinal column- joints, discs, ligaments,, muscles, and the very important wiring- our nerves-there is the potential for great and varied damage. The direction of impact can vary the severity of injury- a rear end collision tends to be the worst as symptoms tend to remain longer. As noted in the media lately regarding concussions, too, whiplash can be experienced in contact sports(football, hockey) and sports involving speed (skiing). Sometimes trigger points-‘damaged’ tissue that results in differing pain patterns- that are active in muscles can also be experienced as dizziness  from turning- such as a shoulder check while driving- a dangerous and unsafe condition!  Others include irritability, difficulty sleeping, ringing in the ears, headaches, nausea, painful muscle spasms, tingling or numbness in the arms, and low back pain. Such symptoms mostly occur quite some time after the accident- generally the next 1 to 2 days.

As a side note to collars-  a period of total inactivity following a muscle strain allows the injured muscles to shorten by allowing scar tissue to form and allows for disuse atrophy to occur(like when you have a cast on an your muscles shrink). This is why it is important now to keep moving after a muscle strain contrary to previous thinking!

Massage therapists in Ontario are trained in treatment plans for whiplash, depending on the severity and symptoms one may have. They can direct you in terms of things you can do at home such as exercises and stretching, and cold or hot home treatments.

If you have recently suffered from whiplash from sports or a vehicle accident, come by for your free assessment today!

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Jennifer J. Lamore, BAA, RMT
Registered Massage Therapist Toronto & Mississauga, Ontario

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