Brandon Krieger Holistic Lifestyle Coach Clarifies Ultimate Sports Therapy’s Name

I see so many people looking at our name Ultimate Sports Therapy and really thinking a few things. Like they only treat extreme sports and wouldn’t be able to help me with my injury.  The other one I hear is don’t you only treat athletes?

I can completely understand how Ultimate Sports Therapy’s name can give people that impression.

When we developed Ultimate Sports Therapy we really wanted to become the leaders in Holistic Therapy. The word Ultimate for us means to be the best of the best at Holistic Therapy. Now people think of Sports as football, basketball, baseball, hockey, soccer, boxing, mixed martial arts. I am sure we can all agree our definition of someone that plays sports is considered to be an athlete. Now what if I told you that everyone is an athlete because we all have to squat, twist, lunge, bend, push, pull and walk. With that definition if anyone moves they are an athlete.  Last but not least Therapy, we have decided to take a holistic approach to therapy not just looking at the injury but looking at the whole person. We look at the nutrition, sleep, hydration, stress levels, mental, emotional, posture and the injury as a whole. This way when someone gets treated we make sure we are treating the cause not the symptom.

Now when you hear the name Ultimate Sports Therapy you will know we are working towards being the Best in Holistic Therapy for all people.

Brandon Krieger,
Clinical Director, Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Reiki Practitioner & Professional Speaker

For more information contact Ultimate Sports Therapy at or visit us at


3 Responses to Brandon Krieger Holistic Lifestyle Coach Clarifies Ultimate Sports Therapy’s Name

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