Cleanse or Not to Cleanse that is the question

Cleanse or not to cleanse that is the question

Now a days so many people are talking about cleansing and fasting.  People are cleansing for all sorts of reasons be it for weight loss, colon, kidney, liver, gall bladder…etc. I am all for cleanses I just see too many people jumping right to cleanses before building the foundation first.

Our body have a natural elimination system that works on getting rid of the waste that our body creates from it natural processes. Now when people add more waste to the system, the elimination system can get over worked and not function optimally.  This is when cleansing is needed to help clear out what the natural system is having a hard time removing.

Before doing any cleanses people need to first look at their lifestyles. How they eat, sleep, their stools, exercise, and hydration. If these are not providing your temple with optimal health a cleanse is not going do anything except clean the pipes for a short period of time. Then they are going to get clogged up again once you go back to your hold habits.  Our bodies work on natural rhythms and if you do not establish those natural rhythms back, the body is not going to know how to eliminate. The tubes will get backed up and then you will be doing a cleanse again and again.  Think of your body as trillions of tubes that all work together. Our body has a natural way of cleansing these tubes, but through our lifestyle, stress, poor quality foods and eating habits our tubes start to get damaged.

Now if you were a plumber looking at dealing with this in your house, you would first try to clean the tubes with some liquid cleanser. If that did not work you would use a something stronger or even a wire brush to scrub. If that did not work you would replace the pipe.

This is no different than how people look at their bodies. They go through the same process not realizing it is what they are putting down the pipe in the first place that is clogging the pipes. Then they are not looking moving the fluid (exercise) and only putting the best food and water down the pipes which helps keep the pipes clean.

I have worked with lots of people who first initially came to me because they wanted a cleanse because they had a certain health challenges. I put them on a healthy eating plan, they started to exercise, reduced the stress and the body started to cleanse naturally.  The people went through a detoxification and saw a lot of changes in their body.  Now if a tube is blocked and needs some help after that then I would recommend going on a cleanse because then they have the proper eating, exercise, stress levels and hydration that will keep the body healthy.

I would recommend first create a healthy lifestyle of proper eating, exercise, reduce your stress and hydration. Then if needed go on cleanse to care the tubes.

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Brandon Krieger,
Clinical Director, Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Reiki Practitioner & Professional Speaker

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